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Midnight Calliope
faygot wrote in vatheon
CHARACTERS: Gamzee & a whole lot of friends victims.
location: Carnival
WHEN: Midnight 14/03
status: Closed
STYLE: Starting off in third, will match yours after.
note: will include depictions of violence, possible gore, physical and mental torment, and death. Proceed with caution.

As Gamzee pocketed his SFC, a screech ripped through the night. He glanced up, impassively, to the young woman who stood at the end of the alleyway. Her eyes were wide as she screamed, but she was too petrified to move. A sharp grin suddenly cut over Gamzee's face and a weapon was within his hand in a second -- a lance this time -- advancing on her.

The screaming stopped with a sudden, sickening gurgle.

This body was not left behind however. Instead, he grabbed it, dragging it behind him as he moved to the carnival. In his wake, he left a red smear on the pavement and sharply smiling clown faces doodled on the walls amongst his bloody hand prints.

Finally, all the toxic effects of the slime had vanished from his body. Finally he-- THEY knew who they were and what they had to do. What they should've done all along. Finally there was nothing getting in the way anymore, no slime, no hole in his head, no fog, no idiot.

He dropped the body just outside the carnival quadrant without any concern. Its purpose had run out, its blood run dry. It hadn't even been the right shade of red.

Soon all the right shades would drip from his fingers. Soon.

The attendant at the ticket booth got no farther than "ticket pl-" before his club cracked her skull. Fucking gutterbloods. Getting all their fucking filth over his clubs. It was no matter. Soon he'd wash them clean in something slightly more deserving.

He giggled, then laughed as if this was just one huge private joke to him -- them. Maybe it was. Maybe everything had been a joke all along.

Now all they had to do was wait for the motherfucking punchline to arrive.

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this is beautiful. ilu. <333

[ ... So. Have you ever had one of those moments you've walked in on something you PROBABLY shouldn't have?

He just had one of those moments. What... was he even watching? What had happened? Vriska had left a message on his voicemail about leaving, so... he followed her. Silently, slipped out of the dorms, and ran into Gamzee and her fighting. That was the first unexpected thing.

The second was seeing the cerulean blood come from his friend. ]

V... Vriska?

[Gamzee gripped the back of Vriska's hood, giving her a rough shake as she slid out of it. Her body hit the pavement with a hollow thud as Gamzee calmly shrugged on her blood-splattered, ruined clothing. Then, and only then, he glanced at Ryoji.]

will you look at that.
looking for something?

[ ... Oh my god what does he even.

It's... now registering that Gamzee has killed Vriska to him, and... after the message she left him? It sounded like she was going to die. But... he didn't honestly believe it. That someone who he'd sensed as powerful as her would die so easily. He didn't know what had happened just now, or what to even do.

This was Gamzee. Gamzee. The really chill bro he'd met who he thought would be friends with... and he was killing Vriska.

His friend. Two friends, fighting each other.

Didn't it always come down to that, in the end? Would he be a killer like this? So many thoughts were racing right now that he didn't know what to do, beyond stand there. And stare. ]


[ You've... killed her. And it wasn't even her time or out of mercy. Why?

If he'd been thinking straight, he would have known better. He WOULD have--should have--changed to defend himself. But... this was Gamzee, and that was the body of his friend over there, being desecrated without any care whatsoever. He was so lost right now. What... what should he even do? ]


[His voice races, his expression flitting between a sharp twisted grin and a calm look of contempt. Turning, he slowly started to walk towards Ryoji, one of his sneakers planting roughly on Vriska's back.]

clumsy me.

[ ... He has to get out of here. But... but she can't be DEAD. Can she? If he wasn't so terrified, he would be righteously pissed right now. ]

... I-I... how could you do this to her?! What did she do to you?

[ He takes a small step back, his long scarf trailing with him. He... he should run. But right now, he's feeling mostly frozen to the ground, willing his legs to move faster.

But if there was any chance she could be saved--because haha... she can't be dead, right? No way. She couldn't be dead... then he had to stay here. And he had to get her... somewhere. He couldn't heal people himself. That... that wasn't his job. But if... if he got her to the clinic, or maybe to Minato-- ]


because that is our role to play.

[He advances slowly and for once his eyes are not half-lidded and fogged. No, now they are sharp, watching Ryoji's every movement. He watches the flutter of a scarf, the idea already forming in his mind.]

the witch is dead.
and now you.

[And with that, he suddenly launches himself at Ryoji, slamming his shoulder into his chest to push him of balance. Up close, his grin is grim and sharp-teethed, his hands scrambling over Ryoji's arms to try and grab the ends of his scarf in a firm grip.]

[ And it registers, finally, that he has to move. His feet finally listen; instinct. Ryoji finally starts moving, but the wind is knocked out of him by that.

And the clown has his scarf to boot. This isn't going well.

But because he's more focused on Vriska's body than he is the now-insane murderer in front of him, Ryoji is neglecting the grip and the tightening on his throat from this scuffle. His voice is barely above a whisper now. He... he wasn't going to get out of this, if Gamzee managed to keep a hold of him. He'd have to think fast. To get him off him. ]

... D... don't you call her that...!

[ In the back of his mind, he's trying to figure out how to get past Gamzee and to her body. If... if he can just get her somewhere in time, he has to be able to save her, right...?

He breaks free of the other's grasp, just in time to get over him and turn in the other direction. He stumbles a little, but manages to scramble towards Vriska's body. He would save her if he could. ]

V-Vriska! Hang on...! Please!

[ He's not going to believe she's dead. He's not. Without any care for himself, if he can just... if he can get her to someone who can heal her, she'll be okay. Right? Hahaha... r-right? ]

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who the fuck said

[Gamzee shoots around, quickly grabbing the ends of his scarf again where they trail behind him. He tightens his grip sharply on them, before he yanks. A person couldn't go without air for five minutes. He knew that. How he motherfucking knew that. The sea is dangerous, Gamzee, it echoes in his head. Sea is a motherfucking killer.

Well. The sea is not the only motherfucking killer anymore here.]

[ Fuck.

He was losing air. In fact, he knew it. He... there WAS a human element to him in this form, and felt himself slowly gasping for air. This... this wasn't going well.

Haha. Hadn't his friends warned him about this? 'Someday, Ryoji-kun, that scarf's gonna get caught on something!', they'd joked. ... Well, he didn't actually think it'd ever happen like this.

This wasn't going well. When Gamzee yanked him all the way back, he'd been slowly pulled back towards the murderous clown, but he wasn't about to give up here. If he could get him off...

So he acts. He grabs Gamzee's arm, managing to loosen his grip a little bit, gasping for air. He was angry now. This was turning into a personal scuffle, and he was NOT about to lose when his friend was right there. Every second he wasted was another Vriska couldn't be brought back. He managed to choke out a few words: ]

Haah... you don't... know...

[ Ugh, the pressure. It was hard to breathe, let alone speak. ] What... you're dealing with.

[ Gamzee's strength was terrifying, even compared to his own. But if he could get him off... ]

neither do you.

[Whipping his head back, he then smashes it into Ryoji's. When he pulls back, there is blood on his face from Ryoji's nose. And Gamzee actually lets go of the end of his scarf, well one of the ends at least, to reach up and touch the blood, smearing it down over his face then.]

this fucker got black blood.
in your veins, i wonder.

[ And that dazes him somewhat; he's not even entirely sure what the heck is happening when their heads smash together.

Taking a moment, Ryoji collects himself, managing to focus enough to materialize his sword. He couldn't put up a barrier right now; he was... too dazed. This was really all he could do. ]


[ And that is all he says, before he takes a slash at that hand. No mercy anymore; he's seriously fighting for his life at this point. ]

[At the appearance of the sword, Gamzee laughs. And when Ryoji brings it down to slash at his hand, he only moves slightly. He takes the edge of the blade to his arm, though he does not seem to notice the sharp edge cutting into his skin. Instead he uses that moment, that self-created opening to rush in, ramming his arm into Ryoji's solar plexus, while his other hand goes for the hand holding the sword, gripping it tight and pressing his thumb harshly into the turn of his wrist, trying to make him drop his sword.]

i bet i could draw
from your veins.

[ A scream. Pain. He could still feel pain. The sword drops to the ground with a resounding metal clang--because who could keep it with that much force applied to them?

Oh, hell no. This... was not going as planned. Not at all. For the first time in his life, he might sincerely be terrified.

But he's not about to give in. He WANTED to go easy on Gamzee. He wanted to NOT hurt someone whom he considered a friend. Moreover, he was worried about Vriska. This... he couldn't give up here.

He just... couldn't. He grits his teeth--there had to be a way out of this situation. He was NOT about to die. If he could...? Not here; not now. For her sake. If he could save her... ]

[Surprisingly, Gamzee actually lets him stumble back. Instead his attention is momentarily on Ryoji's dropped sword. He picks it up, weighing it in his hand. It is not the same sword as in his strife-deck, but it is a sword.]

it seem that
suits my hand just fine.

[ ... It's becoming a stand-off at this point, but he's not worried. He'll make it through this. Despite the pain, he manages to hoarsely choke out a few words of defiance. ]

... None, sorry.

[ Because he doesn't plan on dying here. It hurts. His head, his arms, his ribs. Breathing right now burns, like fire in his throat. But he's only more determined to get past Gamzee, because he is blocking Vriska's body, and if he could bring her BACK... ]

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suit yourself.
fun-eral maybe.

[Gamzee shifts on the balls of his feet for a moment, familiarizing himself with the weight of the sword in his hand, before he pushes off, quickly rushing in and slashing at Ryoji's chest and arms. At the sight of Ryoji's black blood, his eyes widen a little, his grin sharpening.]

black blood
it's like

[ He winces, but he sees his chance.

Ryoji dematerializes the sword. It disappears after Gamzee slashes at him, the blade sinking into his skin, and stops to admire his work for a moment. ]

No one is allowed to wield my sword but me. Sorry.

[ And he takes his scarf off, leaving it there, in the air. It floats down to the ground slowly, and before it even hits it, he uses the last of his inhuman energy and the distraction to move past Gamzee, towards Vriska's body.

It's painful, yes; his arm is seriously hurt, and his entire body is screaming, but he doesn't care. He'll get out of here with her, and if he can help her... he will. He takes her body in hand, carrying the young, once bright and full of life troll, and begins running as fast as he can.

... Which, considering his injuries, is probably the last of his energy. Luckily, his lack of humanity is a huge help here, and he can simply run faster than most humans. Hopefully, fast enough to outrun a murderous lunatic troll. As he's leaving, he trips and falls, the SFC in his pocket cracking, but he gets up and keeps running, until he's out of that carnival.

Away from the ticket booth and it's horrific scene. Away from that entire carnival of hell.

But just close enough. ... When he's sure it's safe, he manages to drag Vriska and himself to an alleyway, finally stopping there, breathing heavily. He picks it up to check it--it still works. He'll... he'll call as soon as he makes sure Vriska is... okay.

But for now, he would not be Gamzee's second victim. ]

> Gamzee: accessorize.

[The sudden disappearance of the sword throws Gamzee off balance, his eyes widening. It is enough of an opening that Ryoji can get by him.

Gamzee doesn't give chase however. A corpse for a scarf. It is a good trade. He picks up the stained scarf, draping is haphazardly around his neck.

Besides, he thinks with a smile, as he hears the echoes of a new pair of foot steps, he has another visitor to entertain.]

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