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Who: Toboe and anyone who wants to help the kid out.
Location: The plaza
Time: Late :|
Style: Action

[The red-haired kid wandering around the plaza has his head tilted up, almost as if he were looking up to the barrier, but his eyes are closed. He's sniffing the air.]

Maybe it's just the water...but I can't smell Tsume or Hige anywhere...

I'm....not the only one here....am I?

[He looks around, hoping to spot something helpful. Like that random cat by the fountain. Cats were scary....but desperate times...]

Excuse me...I think I'm lost. Do you know where we are? Vatheon? I've never heard of it. Not that it's really a problem or anything, but all I can smell is human. Are there any wolves or anything here? [A pause, as if listening.] Oh....well, that's a relief, at least.

I guess...that means...I'm all alone here....
EXCUSE ME - WTF?! by me

Snape + Water = RAEG

Who: Severus Snape and OPEN
Location: Central Plaza
Time: Afternoon
Style: Whatever you wish to bring my way :D
Status: Open

The first thing he realized - he was soaked. The second thing he realized - he was alive. Neither of these facts made sense.

Severus Snape pushed himself up from the ground, shaking out the arms of his traveling cloak in a hopeless effort to dry himself some. He glared at his surroundings and found none of it to his liking. Was this the Afterlife? He had never imagined it would be so... wet.

It takes the wizard a few moments to realize he is not alone and he called out to the nearest person.

"Where am I?"
the angles are all wrong now

[first sunset] intro

Characters: Roxas and you
Location: The Plaza
Time: Morning
Style: Either/or!
Status: Open to all!

Roxas wished he could say he was a stranger to waking up in weird places with no idea where he was, but that would be such a lie.

This time, though, he really didn't know where he was. It was underwater, sure, and full of coral, so maybe that meant Atlantica, but... he was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to breathe if that was the case. Besides - he was pretty sure he shouldn't even have his own body right now. Hadn't he made the choice to go back to Sora for good? What was going on now? Ugh. And to cap it all off, he was soaked through.

Maybe if he went for a walk, he'd find someone who could tell him what was going on. It was worth a try at least, right?

"Uh... hello?" he called out. Wow. That sounded stupid even to him. "Can anyone tell me where I am? I think I'm a little lost."
Carefully | Peaceful and calm, we wait

Japan 『●』 004 << And why aren't you drunk yet? >>

Characters: Japan, Canada, and Vietnam
Location: A steakhouse near Japan's house ... Let's not be specific
Time: Night of 25th
Style: Action for the sake of speed?
Status: Closed.

*Ah. It's that time of the year when the lights shine brightly and people smile as they pass each other on the streets. Japan is rather feeling the Holiday spirit, despite not celebrating the holiday religiously. And thank goodness, he is spending it with friends. Holding the bag of presents in his arms and promised food in a bag besides his feet, he waits patiently outside the restaurant.*

They should be here soon ...

*He checks his watch. It is close to the promised time. He doesn't look around, but he does listen for approaching footsteps.*

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Characters: Shizuo and Zelda
Location: The plaza
Time: The 26th, Noonish
Style: Prose to start!
Status: Closed

Now that the holiday had come to an end and the commotion had mostly died down, Shizuo was trying to get accustomed to Vatheon. It didn't seem as though he'd be leaving any time soon, so familiarizing himself with it was a good idea. That, and he had plenty of time on his hands and not much to do with it.

He was quiet, keeping mostly to himself as he passed the occasional resident. Shizuo wasn't looking to develop the kind of reputation he had in Ikebukuro here in Vatheon. It was his hope that maybe - just maybe - things could be different for the time being. If he could keep himself in check and avoid Izaya...Then again, who was he kidding? He already had a couple of outbursts, and it didn't seem as though his self-control had improved upon changing location.

He mused over these things as he made his way through the plaza.
►This Derp.

Happy one year Jack!

[Holding his gift from the stocking, his beloved pocketwatch (which he had lost months before). Jack begins a video feed, he's grinning as wide as he can. He has news for Vatheon, if it really matters for anyone!]

Hello fellow Vatheonites. Some of you may not know me, but I am Jack Vessalius. Today, exactly one year ago I was transported here from my home. Despite missing where I came from and having to make myself a home here, I can gladly say I've become quite cozy.

I'm not going to have a party, and I'm not going to boast about it much more. I just took my time before broadcasting this to think over what relationships I've made here. The people I've met, and met again, and lived with.

It's really all overwhelming, and for the stocking to hold my precious unharmed pocketwatch is a wonderful gift. Thank you for your time Vatheon.
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Not Even A Mouse;

Characters: EVERYONE
Location: ALL AROUND (but mostly in the plaza)
Time: MORNING - NIGHT??? (aka all day)
Style: Whatever suits!
Status: OPEN

T'was the night before Christmas and all through Vatheon
Plenty were stirring, some even getting their creep on.
The stockings were hung all over the place--
Because the natives had nagged and nagged and and sometimes chased.

But then Christmas morning came about, and the natives maybe had some help from some outside sources--or maybe it was the Great Lamufao, or maybe it was some other sort of magic entirely, transcending worlds and times--

But either way, all of those stockings the natives nagged and nagged the foreigners about? Suddenly...they were all full.

Enjoy, Vatheon. Have a very (fishy) Merry Christmas!