August 7th, 2010

the queen of hearts ♥ 001

Characters: QUEEN OF HEARTS and you
Location: Plaza
Time: Afternoon
Style: Either
Status: OPEN

[ See a strange looking, lovely man standing at the corner. No, he is not hustling young men for money, he is in fact pointing a scythe at some NPCs, demanding information, and oh yes, the whereabouts of one (1) Alice? ]

My.... it would do you all well if you stopped playing dull and told me where Alice is. This device clearly says this Alice's name. [ Accenting name for a reason, and yes, he is non-too-kindly jabbing the scythe a bit closer to the NPC ]

Are you denying the Queen of Hearts?

Alice? || ♙

Characters: Alice? and Mr. H
Location: Mr. H's Warehouse
Time: Right after this thread.
Style: Up to you, Squee dear. <3
Status: Closed

[He follows Mr. H silently, more subdued than he has been in some time. But why not be subdued, solemn? For the Queen is here now and it would seem that everything has suddenly changed.

This is what he has been so afraid of.

He has been afraid of change, any small change that would shatter the harmony and the home that he had managed to finally find.

Shattered it is, as if a simple looking glass, an illusion that he never would have been able to reach anyway.

And so he is silent, eyes downcast, even as they walk away.]

Rena 01 | It's raining ducks, Hallelujah!

Characters: Rena and Red
Location: The Plaza
Time: A couple minutes after this thread
Style: Either way is fine with me o/
Status: Closed

This had to be one of the best curse weeks for Rena. Why? Because cute things were raining from the sky! It was like a dream for her! Which was the reason why before starting her walk to the Plaza to meet Red, Rena had equipped herself with a big bucket. To catch falling ducks, of course. As far as she was concerned you could never have too many cute things, ducks or not. Rena hoped that with Red's help, she'd be able to catch even more different kinds of ducks from the sky.
01 | Once happy

England || 01

Characters: England
Location: The Plaza
Time: Morning
Style: Either
Status: Open!

[England's standing around, holding an umbrella above his head. Not that it helps any, seeing as he's already wet. Of is raining ducks, so it might offer some protection. Maybe.

In any case, he doesn't seem to notice his now drenched clothing. No, he's just idly chatting with the glowing orb following him around.

Not that...the little fairy is answering him.]

While I appreciate being shown something of this…erm…magnitude,  but I would rather like to be home now. I left my tea on the kettle, and…I’ve  many other important things I should be doing, you see. So...

[There's still no answer from the little green light, and he sighs, shifting the Umbrella from one shoulder to the other. Ducks. Why did it have to be raining ducks.]

Oh, don’t tell me you brought me here just to drop me off and leave me. I mean really, where is the decency in that? I swear, if I miss my very important appointments, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

[He tentatively moves his hand from underneath the umbrella, as if to test the weather--only to have a duck fall from the sky and hit his hand.

He pulls it back quickly, rubbing at it and looking around anxiously. Yes, the situation just hit him.]

Th-they're very important appointments, really...So you can go on and send me home now. Any time would be lovely. Any...any time at all.
what are you doing?, did someone mention food?

Cat Spirit 5! - Cyanon Updates!

Characters: Tao and You!
Location: In front of the coral. Not trying to eat it this time!
Time: Night
Style: Whatever
Status: Open!

[Tao awoke, lying in front of the coral. She let out a huge yawn, then got up and rubber her eyes. Something was wrong here, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it yet, since she was still pretty groggy.]

Meow...good guy, I'm hungry! We've been walking forever and we still aren't in Ikaruga yet! Tao's nyot going to survive at this rate without some yummy food to eat...

[She looks around after a second when there's no response.]

Good guy? Where'd you go, meow? Did you leave me behind while I was sleeping!

[Tao looks around a bit more, and suddenly something clicks. None of the scenery before her is what she had fallen asleep to. In fact, this scenery was familiar, yet in a different sense. A slightly nostalgic one, a place she thought she had left before. A place where the food was free, and where good guy, lacking lady, rabbit lady, shorty and hard guy, and butter man were. Where she had befriended a bunch of other weirdos and ate far too much with them.]

Meow, it's Vatheon! What's Tao doing here?! How did I get back here! I thought I had left, and then I was back home, but nyow I'm back here again! What's going on! ...Maybe Tao's just still sleeping.