December 2nd, 2011

To be serious for a moment...


Characters: Shing Meteoryte, Kohaku Hearts, Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryuand YOU.
Time: Backdated to 11/20-11/27, AKA week of the age curse event.
Status: Open.


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Okay, it's more like a derp, a currently emotionless girl and a troll from Shibuya, but the point still stands. The odd trio can currently be found in the middle of the plaza; more specifically, next to the Coral. Shing himself seems to be lost in thought -- he's muttering under his breath, glancing back towards both Joshua and Kohaku as he relays his thoughts to himself. It was strange to him the events that transpired; he hadn't gotten any other signs that anything was wrong, though. Could it be this place playing tricks on him?

Until he knew better, though, he'd have to approach this carefully. Kohaku was still missing her heart; and Joshua definitely didn't seem like the type who'd be willing to help unless benefits for him were involved. Either way, this was going to be a while, but he might as well start asking around.

So there is going to be a Shing approaching your character. WHAT DO.]

(( OOC: Backdated all the way to the week of the age event because the mun is a lazy bum and totally put this off until now... OOPS. Feel free to respond to the voice post or the action, if you wish...

P.S. THERE WILL ALSO BE A JOSHUA OR A KOHAKU POKING YOU, DEPENDING ON THINGS. IDK. SO YEAH. god why did I insist on posting this at ass o clock in the morning again. orz ))

You had all the prayers of my loose heart

Characters: The Disciple and you! And you, and you, and you.
Location: The plaza
Time: Sometime in the morning
Style: Action
Status: Open!

[ Awakening in new places was nothing new to the Disciple, as she had spent the last sweep moving from cavern to cavern, copying and recopying from memory the only things that gave her life any meaning. As soon as she completed a set of his sermons she would move on, only leaving his teachings uncompleted in order to avoid possible detection, be it from a highblood or any other stray troll who happened to stumble into her caves. She worked by firelight at the back of her caverns, ensuring that sunlight couldn't penetrate the darkness of the cave's bowels before beginning her work, lest she unwittingly left an easily discovered trail for her would-be captors to follow.

Yes, awakening in new places had been the order of the day for the Disciple... That is, until she woke up here. The first thing that she noticed, before anything else, was the fact that she was soaking wet, which she found to be extremely unpleasant. Opening her eyes with a shudder, she sat up, looking around to find the by now familiar walls of the cave she had settled in two days ago, the embers of her fire still smoldering nearby upon the blackened wood she had gathered, only to find none of these things. Instead she appeared to be in what she could only describe as a giant bubble, a bubble that contained buildings and streets and suddenly, suddenly, the same damn panic and dread that she'd been feeling over and over every time she absconded from one cave to another threatened to overtake her as she struggled to get to her feet, unable to gain purchase upon the ground due to the fact that her shoes were slick with moisture.

As her hand found a small, starfish-like object on the ground next to her, her mind began to reel. They found me in the night they captured me and now I'm being held by them and this is a purrison and it's underwater and they're seadwellers of course it would be underwater this is impawssible and suddenly she realized that the starfish was a device of some kind as her fingertips grazed over its slightly rough surface. Oh. Oh, this was new.

Instinct dictated that she draw away from the device, but the more she studied it with her eyes, the more curious she became. Would they really give her a means to communicate if they had captured her? By all means, she should have been dead by now, if her wardens are who she believed them to be. Though she knew she could be making a horrible mistake, The Disciple fiddled with the device, managing to tap out a message. ]

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{got tiger} put on our thinking hoods!

store shenanigans, japery and many more, come one and all

Characters: John Egbert & YOU!
Location: Nostalgia Nook, Video store (Let's call it "GlubBuster" -- which is a bit misleading, as they don't sell fishy knock-offs)
Time: For the rest of his shift, which would be like six hours or something (Maybe late - Afternoon?)
Style: Anything. Again, opening with prose but Action's great too. I don't really care whatever style you go with. Style: Complete indifference to any of them.
Status: OPEN like the store sign, whether you're a movie enthusiast or just plain ol' window shopping!


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one ★ the penguin did it

Characters: Shouma & You!
Location: Anywhere and everywhere in the city!
Time: Day
Style: First
Status: Open!

[ today, no matter what you are doing, vatheon, your butt is suddenly groped. walking down the street? ordering take out from a restaurant? painting a mural? if you are standing, your butt is groped.

and if you turn, you will see one blue haired boy, a look of horror on his face as his hand outstretches to the back of your pants ]

T-that wasn't me!
| i'll just sit here alone in the dark

one of these days the skies gonna break

Characters: Ianto Jones and YOU
Location: Anywhere in the city
Time: Evening
Style: Any~
Status: OPEN

Glad that the last week had been relatively quiet -- no sudden changes in age or memory, no suddenly walking off into mysterious fog without conscious thought, Ianto was out and about. He knew, in a true fashion that only someone who had spent the last three years of life working for Torchwood that it was unlikely something that wouldn't hold for very long. Coat pulled tight around his frame against the cool night air as he walked, he was very much in his own mind, lost in thought. Perhaps Jack would let him decorate the flat for Christmas, which unless he was mistaken was coming up. 

He glanced upward, at the dome that surrounded them and wondered if would snow again. 
Fiat lux

1st Unison Attack- Pow Blade

Characters: Colette and all of you!
Location: Somewhere, anywhere in the city
Time: Daytime
Style: Whatever~
Status: Open!

[If you are wandering around Vatheon today, you might see a soaked blond girl. She's just sort of standing there, looking confused.]

Excuse me? [She brushes her wet hair away from her wide blue eyes. This doesn't look like anywhere in Sylvarant or Tethe'Alla...I don't think a new place would have be created when we fused the worlds together either...] Where am I? I didn't fall asleep here...Can anyone even hear me?

[She looks around and sees the SFC. What? A monster? Her eyes widen, she takes a step back, and pulls out her chakrams.] A monster? What is this place? Where am I...?

[She sighs and sits, looking completely lost, still her chakrams still out and in her hands. Where are you Lloyd? Is anyone from Sylvarant or Tethe'Alla even here? Where are you guys?]

[ooc: Thoughts in italics /o/]