December 3rd, 2011

first ⤑

Characters: Sara Shirabuki and all you fine people
Location: Plaza
Time: Mid-day
Style: First!
Status: Open♥♥

[ Oh goodie. Just when Sara was about to drink a cup of tea with her lovely pet Takuma, she found herself here. Here of all places. Well there was no point in crying over spilled milk or blood in her case. The worst part was that people already knew her so she couldn't pull off the injured stunt again. Oh well it was fun when she did it. Now she will proceed to walk around worriedly and looking around.

At some point she will be pulling people to the side asking them a question. ]

E-Excuse me is this Vatheon?
What is this I don't even--

01 - In another dimension again? [OPEN]

Characters: The amazing, heroic and good-looking Brown and YOU
Location: Plaza
Time: Daytime
Style: Anything
Status: Open

[Like any other new arrival, this redhead arrived soaked wet and absolutely confused. He seemed to be kinda fidgety though, holding his sphere cautiously, but that's to be expected if you just came from a reality made someone's mind that was hoarded by demons and not to mention hoped that it was all over after defeating that said person's darkest subconscious.]

Seriously!? Not again.... [Hesitantly, he tapped the closest person's shoulder.]

Uh. Hey.... Any idea where this is?

FIRST BLOSSOM || naps in innapropriate times and places

Characters: Keiji Maeda
Location: near the plaza, awkwardly in the middle of the street
Time: morning
Style: action
Status: open!

[Anyone walking through the center of the town may notice a large, colorful man passed out on the ground. He appears to be a new arrival, given the dampness of his clothes. He looks surprisingly content for someone sleeping in the middle of a street, limbs spread every which way, snoring loudly. There is a small monkey on his chest, also asleep, and a large sword lying somewhat nearby, it is likely that it belongs to him. They are kind of in the way of any foot traffic, so you may want to wake them to get them out of the way. You may possibly consider orienting them to their new surroundings while you're at it.]

(no subject)

Characters: Siegfried and Rue
Location: Larmline Apartments
Time: Backdated to the ageswap event
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[The day is bright and fresh, and so the prince thinks it to be perfect to spend with his princess. He readies himself quickly, but carefully- as not even princes are immune from rather youthful jitters when about to present themselves to their beloved- and soon, he has taken the few steps necessary to reach the apartment nearest to his own.

Rue's apartment, of course; he would not have been willing to stay anywhere else.

He knocks on the door delicately, exactly three polite taps, and waits for her to come for him, or at least for an invitation to use the key she has given him. His patience, however, remains unrewarded. A small frown turns the corners of his mouth, and he lifts a hand once more, knocking twice this time.

When silence is once again his only response, he offers a hesitant call.]

My princess...? Are you there?

[He supposes that she could be out in the city, but that does little to explain the anxiety that spreads through him with each beat of his heart, spreading in him more thoroughly than the blood trapped within his veins. After another moment, one final instant of waiting for her to call back to him, he takes the key and swiftly unlocks it, throwing the door wide and leaping through the entryway. Perhaps overly dramatic. He does not know yet if anything is wrong, after all.

But then, even when he is certain that things are well, he still has quite a few theatrical inclinations.]

Rue, please answer me, if you are here...