December 6th, 2011

of plaintive sweetness

☽ An (un)Fortunate Encounter

Characters: Minato, Guriko and later Tiir-nii
Location: Grocery store --> Tiir and Guriko's place
Style: First
Status: Cloooosed~ I have to pretend I'm on hiatus

[Minato was taking a break.

It was an odd way to take a break, perhaps, by going grocery shopping, but he found it to be calming. And thus that is what he was doing, wandering the aisles looking for things that his dormmates might like--

And then he spies a little girl who looks just a little lost, and he can't help but step closer.]

Excuse me. Are you finding everything okay?
We hold our hands to block the sun

Work on monday; get stuck stringing up decal for the festive season.

Work on monday; get stuck stringing up decal for the festive season.
Characters: Silver and you wonderful peeps.
Location: Cafe around the Plaza.
Time: 8 am onwards.
Style: Action to start, but I'll match you.
Status: O P E N so that you can bother/annoy/harrass him.

--Not sure why one would want to hang these up, but they do brighten the place up, huh?

..I guess... [Silver nods once as he helps the woman hang these stupid, gaudy and ridiculousdecorations up around the front of the cafe. He was incredibly uncomfortable with doing this, given that he knew the plaza was a fairly busy place. He rathered work inside where there was less of a chance that some moron or idiot he knew would see him. A look at a red babble and he made a face.] ..What about other things?


..... It might brighten this place up. [Take the edge off the stupid that was strung up around.] I... could make some from my world, if you would like.

Ohh! [The Native brightens and nods.] I think that would be a wonderful idea.

Uh, ok. [Blink, blink. SHRUG. He's gotten used to the natives oddity over the months that he's worked here. What he'll make will just be token things anyway.

The woman grins again this time with a laugh.

It's settled then. Finish stringing them up while I start on the inside. Oh this will be the best place for drinks this year, just you wait!

Of course, Maria. [Silver shrugs, then hurried to finish his work.

He didn't even bother to hope that it would uninterrupted, given the nature of the stupid, stinking bubble.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Characters: The 10th Doctor and All of the people!
Location and Time: In various places at various times (see below)
Style: MLA or Chicago Any!
Status: Open! Give me all your CR~

The 10th Doctor has decided that the Christmas decorations that the locals are putting up are just not quite festive enough. Therefore, he has dragged out his box of Christmas decorations (as well as decorations from various other planets' celebrations) to help bring out the Christmas cheer! In the morning, he will be in the Forest at his TARDIS, hanging various ornaments on it and the trees around it. In the afternoon, he will drag his box (that is bigger on the inside than on the outside, of course) into town to help decorate there!