December 7th, 2011

31 - just relax man

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Characters: Ban Midou, everyone ever
Location: Main plaza, then around town
Time: Late afternoon/early evening
Style: Any
Status: Open

Taking a break from repainting his apartment, Ban's decided to head into town to pick up a few more supplies - a couple more paintbrushes and rollers, for one - as well as get some ideas for holiday decor...and spruce up the place for his Friday night dinner "date". Though he's got a jacket on to try and cover up most of his paint-splattered clothes (i.e. it's all over his shirt and pants; no reason to change if he isn't finished), there's a few specks of paint on his face and hands. He doesn't seem to notice, however, so feel free to call him out on it; he's just heading for the hardware store, whistling to himself and taking in all the festivities.