December 8th, 2011

a mystery wrapped in an enigma

9: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Characters: This handsome devil and EVERYONE
Location: In the plaza
Style: Whatever you want. B)

[So, you're walking along, probably getting ready for the holidays by buying gifts from your friends, when you see this guy just chilling underneath a tree. He looks somewhat amused, but it's hard to tell, what with the really cool glasses that the guy has on.]

[Go on, have a chat with him. He won't bite. But if you do, halfway throughout the conversation, he'll suddenly say three words that will either make you run for your life or pause in horror.]

["Is that mistletoe?"]

[Because suddenly, the tree he's standing under is covered with it. How come you didn't notice it earlier? Well, Crowley kind of made you not notice it earlier with his powers, that's why. And because Crowley is set on trolling any way he can, and he'll be set on giving you a smooch before you have the chance to leave.]

[Any takers?]

[ooc: Basically, Crowley wants to troll everyone by giving them smooches they don't want. And this goes for both men and women. Kids and animals won't be subjected to this because Crowley is not going to steep that low. And if you just want CR without the kissing, just tell me in the subject line and Crowley won't use the mistletoe at all.]


► - what the fuck do i do with this

It's Christmas and you are going to LIKE IT

Characters: Squall Leonhart and the Vatheonites
Location: The park
Time: Afternoon
Style: Your choice
Status: Open

Squall was never one for holidays, but even he had to admit that the little baubles and other things that the locals were putting up were rather nice looking. (Except for the starfish. Those could go.) He didn't know what the holiday was, but that wasn't much of a concern to him. Just as long as it wasn't like what happened about a month ago. One of the locals had tried to explain things to him, but it's hard to explain things to someone who isn't very interested in listening.

He found himself at the park, and it was very difficult to miss the huge skating rink that was set up there. How did they ever manage to make that thing? Yet another thing about the city that was a mystery. One that he didn't care enough about to solve.

A local tried to get him to skate, but he was met with adamant refusal. Determined to not let him avoid holiday spirit, however, the local shoved a bunch of various trinkets and treats into his arms and before Squall can shove them right back, quickly made his exit.

Great. Now what does he do with this stuff?
Content | Playing in the water

Water Gunning Down

Characters: Kuwabara, Yusuke, and You!
Style: First for simplicity

[Today was the day Yusuke and Kuwabara sprung surprise attacks on unsuspecting victims. It was their goal to shoot as many people as they could. Yusuke would especially aim for the girls because he knew Kuwabara would be reluctant to. They were well stocked and it doesn't look like they're going to run out of ammo any time soon.


Oh it's water. You were just hit with water!

Maybe you look to see where it came from, only to find you were shot in the face next. Maybe you just ignored it and tried to carry on, but were suddenly struck again. Perhaps you even went to attack the assailant. Whatever the case things are about to get messy.

ooc; We will also be venturing out of the log to hit any logs or posts that haven been posted today (Dec. 8th) But only to posts and logs in which we have been given permission to do so.

Characters are welcomed to pick up a gun and join the fight. We want this to be as open and as fun as possible!]