December 10th, 2011

So about that date...

Characters: Not!God and Adam
Location: Wherever Jacob wants to go~?
Time: Evening
Style: Action...I'm just tl;dr crazy when it comes to set-up. >>;
Status: Closed~~

[It had been a while since he'd gone on a date, serious or otherwise, and while he could still remember all that a usual date entailed, the part of him that held his insecurities nagged him a little as to whether or not he was really the one to show Jacob what a date was like.

However, as always, he just shoved that nagging feeling away, put on a smile that was actually fairly genuine, and flew to where he would be picking his 'date' up. He wasn't really dressed any differently than usual except he actually had...most.. of his shirt buttoned, leaving only the top bit undone, and he might've replaced the usual band keeping his hair back with a small ribbon, but it was nothing showy.

Leaning against the door-frame, Johnny knocked twice, and waited.]