December 13th, 2011

fenton - secrets

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Who: Danny Fenton and anyone
What: Christmas shopping.  Very, very secretly.
Where: The Plaza
When: Now

Danny warily makes his way through the shops around the plaza.  He really didn't want to run into anyone he knew.

He hated Christmas.  That hadn't changed.  But Sam liked it.  And so did a lot of the other people here.  And if there was one thing he had taken away from the disaster that was last year's Christmas it was that he didn't want to let his own dislike for the season ruin anyone else's Christmas.  So here he was, Christmas shopping.
He threatens

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Characters: Orihara Izaya & Vatheon
Location: Anywhere in the city~
Time: The evening
Style: Either or.
Status: Open

To every story, there's two sides. To this particular story- there were multiple sides.

Point A had lead to point Q in a matter of a few short hours. It was an incredible thing and Izaya was still reeling. Literally. The man was dressed accordingly to accommodate the decorated city. His infamous jacket was replaced with a very similar one but in a familiar, bright red with fluffy white trim. This particular jacket instead went to his knees- which is actually quite important information.

Why? Well you see, Izaya didn't seem to be wearing any pants. Or shoes for the matter. Actually, the typically flamboyant and poised informant seemed to be stumbling along rather clumsily. A Santa hat was lopsided on his head and it isn't until anyone comes near him that they'd smell it-

The stench of alcohol. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes a bit tinted. Now, this was a very unusual situation for Orihara Izaya to be in. After all, he prided himself in staying away from these things.

But like I said, it was a long story.

Izaya was trying to go somewhere relatively quiet. Except you know, that's impossible being drunk. So the wine glass that he had drained by himself and shoved into his pocket suddenly decided to slip out and shatter on the pavement.


It was going to be a long night.