December 14th, 2011

I can do this

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Who: Kisa Sohma and everyone~
What: Kisa tries to look for something for a few people for the holidays and being kind to her.
Where: The Plaza
When: Afternoon

[All of the decorations was something that made her both happy and sad. She was sad she wasn't home with her family but she was happy for the time of the year. It was one of her favorite holidays and it meant New Years was close too, which was the biggest holiday for the Sohmas. With those thoughts though she tries to make the best of her time here and tries to be tough and not get upset. It was best to focus on other things, like present shopping.

A determined look on her face she looks at the many shops trying to think what they all might like...maybe this was harder than she thought...Maybe she can ask someone? Would the gift still mean the same?

Now she was confused and stares at the ground letting out a sigh.]


((ooc: For anyone who doesn't know Fruits Basket~ Kisa is a cursed character and if she is bumped into, hugged by a boy or under a lot of stress she will transform into a tiger. she will change back soon after though.))