December 17th, 2011

I'm the sunset in the east

You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.

Characters: Naoya and anyone.
Location: Casino
Time: Midday
Style: Either way! Starting in action.
Status: OPEN.

[ Just like there is no age-limit on alcohol in the Bubble Under the Sea, it seems there is no age-limit for gambling. None of the natives see anything wrong with the sixteen-year old boy sitting at one of the many tables, eyeing his cards critically.

For an underage boy from a country which does not legally allow gambling, Naoya plays a pretty mean game of Blackjack. He is completely calm as he decides when to stand or when to hit, tapping the table with a gentle finger to request another card.

Take a seat next to him? Y/N.
younger ♡ don't be such a wanker

there is never enough cake

Characters: effy & you!
Location: plaza
Time: late afternoon
Style: first, please? c:

[Effy is window shopping. Sort of. She's wandering from shop to shop, looking at things, and deciding whether or not to go in. Once she's found the right shop, she'll walk inside and grab a few things -- gifts, maybe, and some wrapping paper. She'll also be seen getting a few groceries here and there. It looks like she's planning on making a nice dessert. Perhaps some cookies or a cake for practice. She hasn't baked in a while, so before jumping into Christmas baking, she's going to practice first. She's certainly left herself enough time, too.

Feel free to bump into her c:]