December 23rd, 2011


And onee-chan makes two!

Who: Nasuti and anyone up for it! ♥
Location: Vatheon's Plaza
Time: Midnight (why not?)
Style: Third person prose until you change it!
Status: OPEN (please join? ;_;)

Nasuti Yagyu was too entranced with the giant body of coral in the middle of the plaza to really notice that she was soaking wet. At first she thought the chill she felt was one of wonder and fear, but when she realized that her clothes were clinging to her in all the worst possible places, she looked down at herself in disgust.

What had happened again? Where were the boys--? And why was it midnight? Nasuti started to rub her arms together in a feeble attempt to warm them, and started walking towards the shops in the town before her.

If she was lucky, maybe this was one of those towns that never sleeps. But this certainly wasn't Tokyo, so she was beginning to fear that her chances were slim.

Ky in Vatheon

Who: Ky and YOU
Location: Central plaza
Time: Early afternoon
Style: Starting in third but I'm good with whatever!
Status: Open

Ky's clothing was usually substantial, but it felt even more so when it was soaked with water. More than the fact that he was dripping water, the heaviness of the clothing was the first thing he noticed. When his eyes opened he wasn't entirely surprised to find that he wasn't at the police station, since there would be no way there that he could get this wet. He was surprised by the small bug-thing hovering by his head.

He stood, staring at the blue thing for a long moment, but it didn't change its movements at all, so he eventually dismissed it. It clearly wasn't providing any clues, so Ky turned his attention to other aspects of his new location. It didn't look like any sort of city he had seen before, either, but he spotted someone else walking. He quickly headed towards them. "Excuse me! Can you help me, please?"
Well actually it's three years.

⚛ 1

Who: Jade and everyone!
Location: Central plaza
Time: Mid morning
Style: Brackets for super laziness
Status: Open

[Jade certainly doesn't remember any water being on the ship. Nor does she remember there being any water in space, really. Nonetheless, she is now standing up and wringing out her clothes as well as shaking her head to get rid of the sudden DROWNED RAT stage she has been put in.]

There must be a handbook for witchy powers somewhere. Maybe there is a way to change clothes with it or someth--[she is interrupted by a clattering sound of something dropping from her skirt.] Oh! What's this? [It appears to be a miniature computer, shaped like a star. Jade finds it to be cute but immediately begins typing out a message to send as a distress call.]

Collapse )

[Those who choose to can either respond to Jade's message or come across her in the Plaza. Or both as it were. Either way she will be sitting on the fountain's edge staring at the screen and waiting for a response from her friend.]
with a flick of my tail

> Nepeta: Enter Vatheon

Who: Nepeta and YOU
Location: Central Plaza
Time: Early evening
Style: Anything goes
Status: Open!

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[Nepeta has put her device aside for now, feeling too cold and miserable to press ahead with her search for the moment. Because she can't help but think that it's all pointless now - the others can't be here, can they? She's dead, and she watched Equius die and couldn't do a thing to save him, and that felt far more like the end of her world than losing Alternia had.

So she's sitting crossed-legged in a corner, distracting herself by batting at the sparkly fairy hovering around her head, eyes as wide as a newborn kitten's, valiantly ignoring the multi-coloured bloodstains seeping through her clothes. She's as near to being in shock as a troll can be, and waking up in such a strange place hasn't helped matters at all.]

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