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Midnight Calliope
faygot wrote in vatheon
CHARACTERS: Gamzee & a whole lot of friends victims.
location: Carnival
WHEN: Midnight 14/03
status: Closed
STYLE: Starting off in third, will match yours after.
note: will include depictions of violence, possible gore, physical and mental torment, and death. Proceed with caution.

As Gamzee pocketed his SFC, a screech ripped through the night. He glanced up, impassively, to the young woman who stood at the end of the alleyway. Her eyes were wide as she screamed, but she was too petrified to move. A sharp grin suddenly cut over Gamzee's face and a weapon was within his hand in a second -- a lance this time -- advancing on her.

The screaming stopped with a sudden, sickening gurgle.

This body was not left behind however. Instead, he grabbed it, dragging it behind him as he moved to the carnival. In his wake, he left a red smear on the pavement and sharply smiling clown faces doodled on the walls amongst his bloody hand prints.

Finally, all the toxic effects of the slime had vanished from his body. Finally he-- THEY knew who they were and what they had to do. What they should've done all along. Finally there was nothing getting in the way anymore, no slime, no hole in his head, no fog, no idiot.

He dropped the body just outside the carnival quadrant without any concern. Its purpose had run out, its blood run dry. It hadn't even been the right shade of red.

Soon all the right shades would drip from his fingers. Soon.

The attendant at the ticket booth got no farther than "ticket pl-" before his club cracked her skull. Fucking gutterbloods. Getting all their fucking filth over his clubs. It was no matter. Soon he'd wash them clean in something slightly more deserving.

He giggled, then laughed as if this was just one huge private joke to him -- them. Maybe it was. Maybe everything had been a joke all along.

Now all they had to do was wait for the motherfucking punchline to arrive.

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"Huge bitch, bluh bluh." Those very words kept ringing in her ears while she flew towards the bloody carnival, tempting her to stop and go back because ultimately, it's not worth it. They've always told her she was crazy, that she was a heartless little bitch that cared for no one else but herself. Her hate was too fake for a proper caliginious quadrant, and red ones? Ha, the very thought was ludicrous. They hated her. They warned other people about how dangerous she was, and how making friends with her was a death wish in itself. They took Tavros away from her because they thought she wanted to kill him (she did, but she wasn't going to).

But despite all this, she cared about these people. At least, that was what she told herself. For the first time in her life, she was acting out of unselfish emotions, not ones fueled by self interest, and it was weird. As she neared the carnival, she asked herself: what was she going to fight for?

Tavros' adorable stutters, Ryoji's bright, cheery smile, John's ramblings, Terezi's cackles and Karkat's rants flashed in her mind, and while she'd never admit it, it was clear. Those were good enough reasons.

This had to stop.

She fluttered down, a few meters away from Gamzee with her dice in hand. She wasn't grinning and laughing anymore.

"Hey, clown. Didn't you hear? The carnival's closing early."

just as long as no sparklepires show up.

Gamzee watched her impassively for a few moments, before he broke out in loud laughter, the calm impassiveness then quickly returning again. And then he was talking, though it didn't seem to be directed at her.

"listen to that.
listen to that.
what a laugh.

the lightbulb went home, vriska is dead.

The hand she wasn't using to hold her dice twitched. She wanted to just lunge at him and choke him to death, but she knew if she made any wrong moves, then it's bye bye to bubble city and hello to bubble kingdom inhabited by horrorterrors forever.

"You're the joke, you useless sack of shit. I told Karkat to kill you weeks ago, but I guess he was too stupid to listen. Come on, asshole, let's dance already."

She rolled the dice, getting a perfect 8^8 because of her near impeccable luck. Out of the million choices, it stopped to Guillotine de la Marquise. The device began to appear around Gamzee's neck, and the blade was ready to descend.

Wow, this sure was easy!

Gamzee held still until the very last moment, before he suddenly jerked out of the device's hold. Quick, but perhaps not quick enough. Was she getting the better of him, or had he simply not cared, seen no concern in her attack. Whatever it was, it left the blade of the guillotine racing down severing his horns with a sickening snap. They clattered to the ground, rolling for a moment, before one of them came to a rest against Gamzee's sneaker.

Tilting his head, he stared at it, before he grabbed it off of the ground, testing his thumb against the sharp, splintered end, effortlessly drawing blood.

look at what you did, sister
heh heh heh
such a joke.
a clown without his horns.
are you laughing yet, peasantblood
heh heh heh.

The sight of it was disgusting and infuriating to her. This wasn't supposed to happen. He was supposed to be dead, and she was supposed to be leaving with his blood smeared across her god tiers outfit. No matter. She could roll another perfect 8^8 and make sure she got his neck this time...

...but that would require acquiring the dice first. She knelt down, almost tripping on the way, with her eyes completely focused on Gamzee. Unfortunately, picking those things up while looking at another person was difficult, so she was taking a lot more time than she hoped.

Gamzee stepped forward, his foot firmly planted on one of the dice, as she scrambled to pick them up. Whipping his leg out, he kicked her back hard. He scooped up the remainder of the dice, giving them a flat look, as he held them in his right hand.

motherfucking funny."

He stretched out his left hand, and with a short flash, he withdrew the set of dice from in his strife deck.

almost like
you wanna play dice?"

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Vriska rolled away, trying to avoid getting kicked again. She quickly stood up and watched in horror as Gamzee picked up the rest of her fluorite octet.

"Asshole! Don't you know how hard it was to get that shit from that goddamn pirate ship?" Fuck, she didn't really have any back up dice or anything. All she had now was the ornate dagger she always made sure to keep inside her boot at all times, and light, but what the hell can light do? Blind Gamzee to death? Why did she have to be the god tier of the most useless fucking ability ever?

She could stab him. Daggers were useless weapons that can't damage properly, but it's worth a shot. She lunged at him, aiming to strike his face.

He waited, tossing the dice up and down in his hand. However rather than use them when she shot in close, he tossed them aside. Instead, he caught her wrist, the one holding the dagger, but not before the sharp blade of the dagger bit into his face. The cut was deep, just above his eye, and it was the kind that definitely would need stitches. Perhaps, if you were so inclined, you could even peel back the skin with a tug to see his skull.

And sure, she might have landed a painful blow on him, but it seemed the pain spurred him on more than it crippled him. He held her wrist in a tight grip so she could not flee, before driving his fist into her stomach.

"i guess

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When his fist hit her, Vriska took in a sharp inhale and a small cry, her vision whitening for an alarming second before waves of pain began spreading in her body. Her legs gave in, and her body flopped on the ground.

She tried to stand up and fight again. She twitched, gasped, writhed and shivered, and that was all the movement her body could give her at the moment. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Despite herself, tears ran down her eyes. She couldn't fly away, couldn't fight, couldn't even break free.

But she had enough strength to raise her free hand's middle finger at him.

Gamzee reached up with his free hand to grab her hair in a rough hold, yanking back her head. He had lowered himself with her as she had crumbled, now more or less crouched in front of her.

"don't you feel
you'll be the first
but don't worry.

His grip shifted on her wrist and he pried the dagger from her fingers. His face was placid as he raised the dragger, before he brought it down hard, sinking deep into her body, below her breast bone. The blade hit bone, but it did not stop him from dragging down the dragger, gutting her. The blood flowed freely, turning the knees of his polka-dot pants into a deep blue, pooling beneath his feet.

so very soon."

And then, he dropped her, her body hitting the ground with a hollow, lifeless thud.

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