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» two.
thalassino wrote in vatheon
[At first it is soundless. Then a click as the feed it turned on, but nothing can be seen but white. Footsteps, the opening of a door, and--]

Head Priestess? It's Alpha.

[The voice should be familiar; it is that of a vocal doctor. The next voice is soft, kind, and definitely feminine.]

Ah. Doctor Alpha. To what do I owe this pleasure?

Just... an incident has occurred and I thought you should know of it.

An incident?

[She sounds quietly surprised.]

Please, Doctor, do explain.

[There is a sigh.]

One of our... residents seem to have broken into the church-- Ah! But! He didn't get very far.


He er, did manage to take something though.

Take something.

[Oddly, it does not seem to be a question.]

Is everyone all right? The foreigner as well?

A boy by the name of Matthew, he sneaked into the church and bumped into one of my colleagues. A young woman, he mistook her for a villager apparently but once he left she noticed some important documents were missing.

It was two pages of a copy of my latest report.

...I see.

How unfortunate that he felt the need to resort to theft.
I must simply hope that the great Lamufao is not displeased by these actions.

The... yes, ah, the Lamufao.

Well, if I may, I do not think the foreigners would be this restless if you just spoke to them a bit more. They're trying to build a police force and seeking out leaders...

Some of them do not even know your face, High Priestess! You're an enigma to these foreigners when they need a ... a sign of hope.

[There is almost a note of...disgust, at the end.]

Yes...perhaps you are correct.

[Light footsteps.]

It was kind of you to take the necessary preparations for me already.

[And then she draws the SFC out from Alpha's pocket and smiles into the screen.]

In the video, Alpha stands in the background, white as a ghost.]

You-- How did you-- Thalassino!

[She simply smiles fully, sweetly, kindly, and pays him no more mind.]

People of Vatheon. I apologize for how remiss I have been. It was not my intent to leave you lost and without guidance, I assure you all.

[A pause and an honestly regretful expression.]

I hope to make amends, if you shall allow it of me. Ask of me what you will. But please, I must request...

Do not attempt to enter the Church again. I fear even this short intrusion shall upset Lamufao and cause--

[She cuts herself off and shakes her head.]

Please...for everyone's sake here in Vatheon, do not do anything that will upset him.

Thank you.


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So you're the leader of these people?

That is correct, young one. I serve as the High Priestess of this city.

[Oh hey, it's that weird woman again. Anyhow, dramatic sigh goes here.]

Why am I not surprised...?

[Not that he actually cares about what Matthew did, but theatrics, you know?]

[Have a curious look.]

You were expecting this?

Hello High Priestess Person! I really like your outfit. It matches your eyes very well. You're really pretty.

Oh, thank you, young miss. You are a very kind soul.

Do you have anything to ask of me?

So there's something at the Church? OK, that's great to know.

We all know you're hiding something in there and I'm going to go find out what it is.

I apologize, sir, but it is nothing more than a Church. However, it is sacred ground, and I cannot have such sacred ground tainted.

[She clasps her hands together, looking at him beseechingly.]

I shall do my best to answer any questions you might have.

So we finally get to meet you - in a sense.

I apologize for my absence; it had never been my intent to disappear.

Oh, so you're the Priestess I've heard about!

Hi, I'm Akina Hiizumi. It's nice to finally meet you.

That is correct. The pleasure is mine, young one.

So you're the one in charge around here, huh? It's nice to see you finally make an appearance. But what's with all the secrecy around this place, anyway?

That is correct. I apologize for my failure to be here to answer questions. But secrecy? I am afraid I do not understand.

So... Why are we here then??

I am afraid that the plans of the great Lamufao are beyond my comprehension.

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