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Saya ● Five
❀ here to kick ass and take names
sweeperesque wrote in vatheon

Characters: Tomato [info]Matthew, Marshmallow [info]Naoya, & Lettuce [info]Saya
Location: NAOYA'S PLACE. Or at least, going to be there.
Time: Sometimes after Saya and Matty's little chase/chat
Style: .... First for simplicity's sake?
Status: Closed, I think?

[PFFAHAHAHA let's try this again So, they'd made a decision. They would tell everyone about the information they'd found. However, Saya figured that it would be best to check with her other favorite source of information for a third party opinion.

After traveling through the shadows, they'd agreed on a location where Naoya likedly resided, considering that they both had a habit of looking out and observing crowds and the routes that certain residents of Vatheon took. Not to mention it was confirmed that he didn't use his old apartment anymore. But this new place... It looked rather abandoned and that much had Saya a bit perplexed as the two of them approached the building through the back alley way- allowing them to be a bit more out of sight.]

So... you sure this is the place? [a pause] See a doorbell?

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[He nodded, moving forward like a shadow and crouching before the door.]

Of course. Have some faith in me, Saya.

[And he slips out a lockpick and, in the work of a few moments, picks the lock with a click. He stands easily and opens the door, stepping back.]

After you.

[She's about to protest when he starts to work on the lock but it gives way before she can really get any words in. And with that, she scowls a bit. Sometimes she forgets that Matthew's a criminal.

With a sigh, she knocks on the frame of the door and calls out.]

Naoya! We're visiting, pardon the intrusion.

[And she'll wait for a response before she goes in, thank you. Moving off to the siiiide. Not sure how Naoya will react to having his door picked open.]

[ There's a streak of blue that whizzes just past Saya, and straight to Matthew without a single word, and appearing in a rather annoyed manner is one Naoya, glasses on, a book in his hand. Clearly he'd been doing something beforehand and did not appreciate you picking his lock, thus sent an ice spell away from Saya's general direction, and towards Matthew's. ]

... Saya. To what do I owe the pleasure of breaking into my house for?

[The ice spell was somewhat expected but still faster than he has thought it would be. Matthew barely has the chance to bring his cloak around to block himself from it; the spell hits his cloak, and the force makes him fall over.

He's occupied, carry on.]

[She does so. He deserved it. And she doesn't seem all too bothered by the ice spell, she's just glad that Naoya spared her.]

Sorry, Naoya. Hard to stop a thief that puts his mind to something.

[A sheepish laugh as she scratches the back of her head.]

But if it makes up for it, we've got some info to share! You just hit the guy who snuck into the church and came out with some top-secret papers.

[ ... Naoya shakes his head at Matthew. ]

I was rather involved in a very good book, I'll have you know. It's rude to break into someone's home. Well, you may as well both come in; most people aren't aware this place is occupied for a reason. You can discuss this inside.

[ But no Matthew, he is not going to help you up. ]

[He stands without any assistance, so there. He strolls inside as if unconcerned.]

Long time no see, Naoya.

Let me apologize on his behalf then. [She laughs a bit before bowing.] Sorry. We'll make it up to you. I normally don't condone this thing but- well, we'll call before we drop by next time.

[Aaaand she quickly straightens and follows after. Matty owed her milk for that one.]

I'd prefer it if you really didn't; I don't need this place publicly known.

[ That aside... ]

I assume these documents of yours must be something quite important. I've known for some time they were hiding something in that church, but I'm afraid my skills do not lie in being undetected... planning, perhaps, but carrying out that task would have been nigh impossible.

[ Which is why he begrudgingly admits Matthew is more skilled than him. For now. He turns to Matthew. ]

... I can't possibly imagine what would be worth risking the ire of our captors, however. You're quite a wanted man, from what I hear.

They are pretty interesting, yes.

[And he shrugs, seemingly carefree. He is aware that there will be consequences.]

I didn't know what I would find without giving it a try.

[He slips a hand into a hidden pocket and produces two papers.]

[This is where she figures it was a good call to have these two meet up and exchange info. She crosses her arms and gets in her two cents.]

Well, think about it this way, Naoya. We're bringing the information to you for a reason. I figure you'll be able to help us out in deciphering exactly what it means, fill in a couple holes- he wasn't able to get the full report, just those two pages. Matthew knew what he's getting into and well, we can cross our fingers and hope he's not overconfident about his skills when it comes to hiding. Worse comes to worst, I've got his back. [A grin and a thumbs up, as if that covers all problems.]

But to bring you up to date with what's been decided... this information will be shared with all held here. I'm sure you'll also find that it'll be most beneficial if everyone held captive here is on the same page.

Past that... [She pauses thoughtfully, thinking about what else needs to be brought up. Finding nothing else of dire concern, she smiles.] We're looking for your help. Lend us a hand?

[ Naoya smiles. It might be somewhat honest, if only partially. Being the hacker that he is, he can't resist offering them his help. ]

... Of course. Information is one of the few things I tend to be quite good at spreading. Let me see... how badly do you want this information out, and how quickly? I can have it sent to every single person on the network whether they want it or not.

[ As for the papers... Naoya gives them a glance. ] As for deciphering the entirety of the situation, it seems he only managed to escape with part of whatever documents he took. That said, if what you do have here is enough to go on, I may be able to help. I agree that spreading the information would be your safest bet; if everyone knows, there is no possible way for anyone not to know. In fact, if it's such as that, it's far safer for everyone else.

I'm quite sure it's safe to say that everyone here is tired of not getting answers... even if one answer leads to five more questions, it's certainly better than knowing nothing.

[He simply smiles.]

It would be best to get all of the information to everyone as soon as possible, in the most obvious and noisy way possible.

[The rest, he figures, is self-explanatory. And he hands over the papers, reaching into a pocket and pulling out what appears to be a remote of some sort as well.]

These are what I managed to bring out with me. So what do you make of them?

[He is all business now; this is his true career, after all.]

What Matthew said!

[Aaaand hold on, Matthew. She didn't get to see that remote before. She moves closer to inspect it before taking it out of his hands.]

They didn't have these in your world or time, did they? It looks like some sort of trigger or remote. Where'd you pick this up, exactly?

[Another pause.]

Where'd you get any of this, for that matter? Inside the church, obviously, but... how far did you get?

[ Naoya reads the papers over, considering. Naoya knew war, and this was definitely it. ]

... I would imagine that these documents are pertaining to what they have been so desperately hiding from us. From the sound of it, the people here seem to be the neutral party, and are observing the others in regards to some form of conflict; whatever war has broken out, the weapons they are using are extremely heavy ones--they're not the kind of thing money buys cheaply.

[ But as he gets to the final page, Naoya's eyes narrow, and he begins to fume. He is not, of course, the type to act without reason, but something he has read has pissed him off. It is through gritted teeth that he contains his immense anger. ]

... We're lab rats to these people. I knew I was correct when I assumed this from the very beginning.

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