Saya Minatsuki (sweeperesque) wrote in vatheon,
Saya Minatsuki

Saya ● Nine

Characters: Saya Minatsuki & ANYONE & EVERYONE
Location: Shopping District
Time: Afternoon
Style: Either~!

[GUESS WHO'S BACK. .... yeah, Saya's wandering about again. This time? She's in the shopping district! Just going about the grocery stalls, mumbling to herself.]

Almost all the food's gone bad already... A little under two weeks gone.

[She reaches for an apple and holds onto it contemplatively.] I wonder why I can't remember this time. [She reaches for an apple with her other hand, more absent-mindedly than anything.] This place enjoys tampering with my memory.

[A tilt of her head and she experimentally tosses the apple in her right hand up and down as she thinks some more. But eventually, she's distracted by the movement and attempts doing the same with her left hand. Then before you know it... entertained enough that she's begun juggling those two apples. Not bad and she's contemplating reaching for a third. Amateur juggler, of course, so any interruptions would probably cause massive fail.

But for now, she's content with attempting to juggle apples. Clearly it is far more important than figuring out what the hell is going on with her memory. Blame Cal for this.

Also, she is completely unperturbed by the raining rubber ducks. Trying to avoid them during her juggling, though. Clearly she's just too used to this place.]

Tags: billy iketani, cheshire cat (are you alice?), inuyasha, kagome higurashi, matthew, naoya, saya minatsuki
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