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the queen of hearts ♥ 001
haremized wrote in vatheon
Characters: QUEEN OF HEARTS and you
Location: Plaza
Time: Afternoon
Style: Either
Status: OPEN

[ See a strange looking, lovely man standing at the corner. No, he is not hustling young men for money, he is in fact pointing a scythe at some NPCs, demanding information, and oh yes, the whereabouts of one (1) Alice? ]

My.... it would do you all well if you stopped playing dull and told me where Alice is. This device clearly says this Alice's name. [ Accenting name for a reason, and yes, he is non-too-kindly jabbing the scythe a bit closer to the NPC ]

Are you denying the Queen of Hearts?

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[So he's walking, hands in his pockets. It isn't like there's much else to do in this place.]

[He's going to just turn around and start walking the other way now.

He doesn't need you. He doesn't need any of you from Wonderland. He is leaving that behind him. brb angst]

[ Oh good, he caught your familiar white suit out of the corner of his eye. A smirk and he's not thanking the NPC, letting the scythe roll down to rest at his side as he strides after, small-cape-like-thing flowing gracefully behind him. Until he stops a foot behind Alice, swings the scythe, not to behead him, but a foot ahead of Alice so he'll stop walking lest he walk into the blade. ]

So good to see you again, Alice. How has the water been treating you?

[He looks at the Queen.

A huff.]

I should've known it would only be a matter of time before someone else showed up here.

Has time been broken for you?

[ A faint chuckle and he pulls the scythe back carefully, maneuvering it so he can lean on the blunt edge. ]

[...And again, you make no sense. Liiiike always.]

No, time's been going just fine here.

The white rabbit isn't here. [ He knows that much and he looks distantly down the right. ] Nor is the hatter. We are at a stand still.

[ And looking back to his favourite Alice. Maybe. ] What have you been doing with all that free time?


Perhaps time is at a bit of a standstill, and the moment the clock starts up again...what then? What happens to him? And to...well, his home?

'Free time'. Time that is free. Time in which to be free.

And now the Queen here to chain him up again.

He frowns.]

It has hardly been free time. All sorts of things happen here.

Did they?

Are you sure they were not a dream? I don't think that's very helpful to our deal, Alice. [ He sighs, almost bored, and glances up and down the streets. ] You do remember our deal, don't you?

[Look who's been lurking on that corner and watching with a scowl on his face. He's definitely heard everything. Stubbing out out his cigarette and stuffing his hands into his jacket pockets, he approaches, standing next to Alice?.]

Yo, Wonderland.

[He's about to respond to the Queen--because oh yes, he remembers, how could he not?--when Mr. H appears.

Something like...relief?

And it's easier now, to look at the Queen and speak.]

I remember. But it isn't like it has any meaning here, anyway.

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