THE QUEEN of hearts (haremized) wrote in vatheon,
THE QUEEN of hearts

the queen of hearts ♥ 001

Characters: QUEEN OF HEARTS and you
Location: Plaza
Time: Afternoon
Style: Either
Status: OPEN

[ See a strange looking, lovely man standing at the corner. No, he is not hustling young men for money, he is in fact pointing a scythe at some NPCs, demanding information, and oh yes, the whereabouts of one (1) Alice? ]

My.... it would do you all well if you stopped playing dull and told me where Alice is. This device clearly says this Alice's name. [ Accenting name for a reason, and yes, he is non-too-kindly jabbing the scythe a bit closer to the NPC ]

Are you denying the Queen of Hearts?
Tags: alice? (are you alice?), cheshire cat (are you alice?), inuyasha, queen of hearts (are you alice?), sanae hanekoma, the undertaker, touka kishi
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