Alice? ● Kyouriki (protagonized) wrote in vatheon,
Alice? ● Kyouriki

Alice? || ♙

Characters: Alice? and Mr. H
Location: Mr. H's Warehouse
Time: Right after this thread.
Style: Up to you, Squee dear. <3
Status: Closed

[He follows Mr. H silently, more subdued than he has been in some time. But why not be subdued, solemn? For the Queen is here now and it would seem that everything has suddenly changed.

This is what he has been so afraid of.

He has been afraid of change, any small change that would shatter the harmony and the home that he had managed to finally find.

Shattered it is, as if a simple looking glass, an illusion that he never would have been able to reach anyway.

And so he is silent, eyes downcast, even as they walk away.]
Tags: alice? (are you alice?), sanae hanekoma
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