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and forgive us our trespasses
benevolist wrote in vatheon
Characters: Aziraphale and Naoya (later Mr. Hanekoma!)
Location: The park for now!
Style: First for speed and awesome and coolness that is angelbashing.

[ It's late evening and Aziraphale's decided a walk would be nice. He's still doing his best to overcome the sickening embarrassment of the curse - Madonna, Vatheon? Really? - but he has come to accept that these things are merely a part of daily life in this city. There's not much he can do about it, so where's the point in complaining? Suffering it like a true gentleman was all that he could do - even if the thought made his nose wrinkle in discomfort at the thought. There was only so much a man - or, rather, an angel - could take.

Still, the walk was beneficial. It allowed him to clear his mind, to relax somewhat after the intensity of the last few days. A stroll through the park was helping - the angel, despite being rather reclusive where his bookshop was concerned, had always had an affinity and love for nature, as per angelic nature. Being around it was soothing, as was the silence. If he heard even one more Queen song he was sure his head would burst from the ache.

Wrapped up in the quiet of the early evening, Aziraphale didn't pay attention to anything but his minor daydreams. ]

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You are a fool, Cain!

[ Aziraphale watches him warily. He might have never had reason to use his sword before - Eden didn't need much protection and afterwards he had given it up-- lost it, he had lost it - but he knew how to use it. He could feel the strength in the blade and his eyes narrowed as he watched Naoya.

He didn't want to fight. He wished that there was some easier way; a simple way to just encourage the man into repentance. Then everything would be over, it would all be alright and he wouldn't need to do this. Still, his blood sung with the knowledge he was doing as an angel should; protecting the innocent and the loved. Hhe could feel the warmth spread through him and it was a strange and wonderful kind of power.

When the man attacked, Aziraphale threw open his wings and held out his sword, more than prepared to defend himself. ]


[ Here, have a Hassohappa to the face, Aziraphale. Let me assure you that this will hurt, a lot. A random (and one of the strongest) physical skills normally hits an entire party. But when it's just on one person, they are hurt multiple times over. ... He's also got it set up to drain physical and null fire--he expected something like this. ]

Come, now...

[ And he advances with each attack. When he stops, he moves back slightly, a pause. ]

I wonder who is really the fool here?

[ He is right next to you, Aziraphale. And after each advancing hit, there is a moment where a huge magical force begins to gather above them both. Volatile, dangerous. It would destroy anything it touched, or at least, make anything it touched critically wounded. And he laughs.

This spell was on another level entirely, so much so the pressure from it was leaking out into all of Vatheon.

... In other words, oh fuck. ]


[There is a moment, a split second where Naoya might have just paused. And in that split second is when something animalistic comes out of nowhere and tackles Naoya to the ground. There's a growl, as if from a big cat but in the blink of an eye, all that is there is Sanae. Pinning Naoya to the ground, he raises his fist and WHAM.

He punches him in the face.

And then he does it again and again before holding down Naoya and making sure he can't use his hands.]

Mista Naoya, don't you know how rude it is to pick on a pacifist? Someone should teach you some manners, I think.


[ There is no amount of keysmashing to convey his current thoughts as something comes out of nowhere and pins him to the ground. He goes skidding with whatever it is, and he makes a startled curse.

... In one very OLD language. That is Pre-Babel speak. ]

[2/2] OKAY MOE GO. Order Naoya -> Zira -> Mr. H?

[ And now he's the one practically snarling animalistically, and yes those punches will leave a mark but he doesn't care. He doesn't care if he might have a bit of bleeding and some bruising. His anger propels him to struggle against Sanae, and without his hands he knows he can't access his COMP.

And that is very, very annoying. The huge mass of energy stops mid-cast, and probably just in time. ]

He. Is. An. Angel! You will not tell me what to do--!

[ Yes, he is very angry. So, so very angry. His red eyes are searing hate into your face, Sanae. It's clear Aziraphale's earlier words had stung him quite a bit, in actuality, and he's very pissed off. ]

He knows nothing!

[ When Sanae appears Aziraphale manages a small shout of indignation before he falls to his knees. He shifts, awkwardly, trying to find his balance and rise to his feet again but it's hard - he's in so much pain and his power feels drained. Taking a deep breath he puts the sword to one side, letting the flame die out. ]

Sanae, don't! I swear, Cain, if you even consider touching him!

[ The threat is quite meaningless; it's obvious that Aziraphale is too exhausted to even consider fighting. His wings are stained red with blood and there are pains in his muscles that he's sure are going to bruise - or more than bruise. ]

ffffff stupid edit button

[He resists the urge to glance back at Aziraphale -- to make sure that he's okay. He knows he's not but if he risks it, it might be the chance Naoya has to throw him off. He knew he was stronger than Naoya -- physically -- yet he knew Naoya would play dirty if he had the chance. So instead, he stares down at him, a smug grin on his face because he knew if he kept that expression, it would piss off the old man.]

Cain, eh? So that's your name? I knew you were pretty bitter but haha, I guess I know why now.

[His hands tightens around Naoya's wrist, gripping them painfully.]

So, correct me if I'm wrong but, you are attacking Aziraphale because he's an angel, yes? Some sort of grudge you got against them, eh? Such~ A~ Pity~, Mista Naoya. In my experience, angels are very nice people! Not sure about your world though.

Therefore, let's have a nice lil' chat. Tell me about the angels in your world.

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[ Naoya struggles and his red eyes just continue to glare back. ]

... Angels...? NICE? Don't make me laugh. And you have no right to call me that--neither of you! What would you know?!

[ Just as the other had predicted, that smug expression was pissing him off. Royally. So in other news, I hear the sky is blue.

Naoya looks back into Mr. H's eyes, with his own red ones. Those old, deep, malice-filled red eyes of his. Bitter, insane, angry. And he's finally lost it completely this time, laughing. Laughing repeatedly. ]

Hah... hahahaha! Angels... you want to know... about them? About His so-called "Divine" beings? They're far worse than anything humanity has done. They kill indiscriminately and will continue to do so in the name of their Lord until humanity follows him like slaves!

[ His expression settles into a look of distraught, crazed anger. ] And even then, it's not guaranteed God would even protect anyone who was 'faithful' to him. No, He wants to make my brother His little Messiah, and have Him judge all of humanity, taking away every right they have of free will... because He fears His own creation rising up against Him! As they very well should...!

An unjust, cruel, decrepit old man has no right to use humanity as his pawns. Abel was the only one who could do it... the only one. The demons from Bel gathered and they were fighting for their Throne, but Abel's reincarnation was the only one who could enter into their war for us, to stop the Judgement, to save those people.

[ And he just gets angrier and angrier and angrier. ]

That is why He locked an entire city... no, the entire Yamanote loop down, trapping thousands of people inside it! Lying to them while demons ran amok killing innocent people who couldn't defend themselves. God called it humanity's "Second Judgement", the final one upon us. It's no more a farce than the first! Indiscriminately killing thousands of innocent people just caught up in the ploy... does that sound like a 'just' God to you? His angels came to the Japanese government to kill everyone there... because demons appeared and they wished to protect humanity?


Because God doesn't like taking chances. He doesn't like the idea that His creation might just be worthy of guiding itself without being used like a tool; a pawn on a chess board!

[ Aziraphale coughs weakly and manages to rise to a kneeling position. One leg lifted he glares at Naoya's body, trying his best to find energy. ]

The Lord you know is not the true Lord, Cain! The true Lord is just and righteous, he is kind and loves all his children! Your eyes have been blinded due to your own anger and envy and only repentance can change that, nothing else. Your inability to see passed your own grudges will be your downfall!

[He moves his foot to keep one of Naoya's arms pinned to the ground as he lifts his hand and moves it to hover over Naoya's face.

And then he flicks him in the forehead.]

Naoya, you are one big idiot. You hear what Aziraphale just said? That's what the real Lord acts like. Your world... well, your world is very much not like the others and I can't say anything in regards to it but I can say this -- each God is different.

The God is my world is not the same as the God in your world or even the God in Aziraphale's world. In the same vein, all angels are different and the angels in our worlds are different from the angels in the other worlds.

So! Saying that, just because the angels in your world are not peaceful creatures, it does not -- and I repeat this -- it does not give you the right to go around messin' with other angels in a different world.

For all we know there may not be a God in Vatheon's world.

And we're all smart men here, we realize that our timeline in our native worlds have stopped. When we go home, we pick up where we left off, correct?

So, Naoya, if I were you, I'd be very much reveling in the fact that you are on vacation. You do not have to deal with your shitty God or the angels in your world, you have to, in fact, just deal with Vatheon and it's weirdness.

Enjoy the moment, as I like to say.

In closing, Naoya, if you try to harm Aziraphale or any other sort of angels in Vatheon, I will hurt you. Got it, boss?

[ There is no amount of words to express his rage right now. But as it is, he bites his tongue for a moment. ... And then he is flicked in the face. He expected something more, but... well, that stuns him to silence.

... So he'll just be over here, huffing, for awhile. Like... well, an angry child who was just scolded and had his hand smacked for being in the cookie jar. And yet... at the same time, why does he look so sad? ]

... I hate your kind. All of you. All you ever do is tell me my faults, use that name, tell me my sin... and as long as any angel is around my brother, he is in danger. He will always be in danger.

[ Is he... extremely worried? Yeah, he is. He's paranoid, among many other things. He tries to glance back at Aziraphale from where he is, but ends up closing his eyes. ]

... But understand this: you have no right to presume that you will ever know my situation for that accident, or what became of it. My punishment was NEVER just. ... He still doesn't remember. How could he--he isn't cursed like me. And yet... he suffers just as much. Is that fair, to separate two brothers this way? The one time I get to see him again, after so long... God decides he's going to wipe humanity of it's free will.

[ The human mind wasn't supposed to be able to take this much. Not the memories Naoya had. Not anymore. ]

I will never loathe anything holy any less.

Perhaps, C... Naoya... Perhaps you should learn to think before you speak. You deliberatly infuriated me - my anger encouraged the use of your name and the reminder of your faults. The blame is mine, and for that I apologise.

[ The angel slowly rises to his feet, gasping for breath as he finally stands tall. He hurts, everywhere, but eventually he manages to hobble over to stand behind Sanae. ]

I have apologised, but if you even touch Crowley... I will take it back.

Hey, Naoya, I'll tell you something. That sucks. It sucks a lot and you have every right to be mad -- especially if the God in your world is as horrible as you say.

Yet... [A thoughtful pause and he hums, other hand moving to grip Naoya's wrist again.]

Have you ever tried... I dunno... just instead of being Cain, being Naoya? I don't know your situation, I won't say I ever will but... clean slates are always a good thing.

You could make a clean slate here, in Vatheon. If there is a God here, and I won't believe it's the Lamufao, but some other type of God -- he or she or it is certainly not your God, neither mine, nor Aziraphale's.

So, a clean slate. Just relax and enjoy the moment. When you get home, then you can continue your war thing against your God.

But for now, again, enjoy the moment because fighting against angels and raging against God ain't gonna get you nowhere in an underwater bubble.

[ Naoya falls into silence after the other man speaks, eyes distant. As much as he wants to be angry, he cannot seem to stay that way, even pinned down here, although he really doesn't like being held down like this, he knew that what was being said made sense.

A clean slate.

How many times had he tried that by now...? How many times had he tried to simply forgo the past deeds he'd been put through, the difficulty of losing everything dear to him?

For a long time, he says nothing, because on Mr. H's part, the man was correct. And yet... he felt that, even if he tried here, that he wouldn't ever escape his past. It would eventually catch up to him. There was no real point if he was to eventually return home, was there...? Naoya was not a person who lived in the here and now... at least, not completely. He was stuck in the past eternally, and always planning for things to come.

Without what he'd been planning... he'd have gone insane the last few thousand years. He had been trying to eradicate anything holy for so long, it was almost all he knew. To the extent that without such a force to drive him, he felt lost. Like he could feel himself slipping away.

What was he without his goals...? Was he even anything to anyone? All he was without his vendetta and the desire to achieve it's fulfillment was the preeminent example of murder to humanity, something he did not wish to ever, ever have been. Those memories, every lifetime of them, still haunted him. His eyes showed it; deep and dark and tired, so very tired, and just barely still there. ]

[2/2] orz this got so long

[ ... But right now, underneath the searing hatred and the blame, the anger and the turmoil, was just a very confused Son of Man, one who had lost what was dear to him... again. It hurt him more than he could say that Abel had slipped from his grasp yet again. ... And he felt if he continued in this state in Vatheon, he would continue losing sight of his goals. He couldn't allow himself to become complacent if he found the chance to go back, could he? Would he eventually slip into the chasm of nothingness from the precipice of sanity and knowing himself...? Into that eternal darkness, of the unknown, of hopelessness?

He wasn't sure.

But the bottom line was, he was certainly thinking now, which was more than could be said most of the time. He was consumed by his hatred and anger, and it blinded him. Anger had always been his vice. Was he even anything if he'd continue to stay here in Vatheon? The questions kept coming to his head faster than he even wanted to think of, and he just wished, as he had done so for too many times to even count, that he could forget. To forget all but this life...

Enjoy the moment.

... But how? It's sad, almost pitifully so, that without these few goals and his rage-filled hatred to guide him, the Son of Man was utterly lost as to where he would go from point A to point B. He falls into silence; it's clear the man no longer poses a threat. ... Not in this state, at least, when he's too lost to even find up from down. It is after a long time that he finally speaks, and his tone is much quieter than it had previously been. ]

... Change is not a possible for someone like me.

[ It was the truth. A simple, blunt, unspoken truth. ]

There is no point in remaining complacent when, in the end, things will eventually go back to how they were--how they always are. It would be wiser to simply expect the inevitable than to simply hope that something as foolish as that would be likely.

[ Words spoken from a man who has seen people come to care for him die every single time, and cut himself off from feeling or caring or even wanting to care simply for that reason. It was unfair to his reincarnation that he would ever make 'friends' with anyone, and thus made an attempt never to get attached.

... He wouldn't be able to change unless he forgot it. All of it. ]

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