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Aziraphale ☜〠☞


Characters: Aziraphale and Naoya (later Mr. Hanekoma!)
Location: The park for now!
Style: First for speed and awesome and coolness that is angelbashing.

[ It's late evening and Aziraphale's decided a walk would be nice. He's still doing his best to overcome the sickening embarrassment of the curse - Madonna, Vatheon? Really? - but he has come to accept that these things are merely a part of daily life in this city. There's not much he can do about it, so where's the point in complaining? Suffering it like a true gentleman was all that he could do - even if the thought made his nose wrinkle in discomfort at the thought. There was only so much a man - or, rather, an angel - could take.

Still, the walk was beneficial. It allowed him to clear his mind, to relax somewhat after the intensity of the last few days. A stroll through the park was helping - the angel, despite being rather reclusive where his bookshop was concerned, had always had an affinity and love for nature, as per angelic nature. Being around it was soothing, as was the silence. If he heard even one more Queen song he was sure his head would burst from the ache.

Wrapped up in the quiet of the early evening, Aziraphale didn't pay attention to anything but his minor daydreams. ]
Tags: aziraphale, naoya, sanae hanekoma
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