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Characters: Larxene, OPEN
Location: Plaza
Time: Evening
Style: Any!!
Status: OPEN

[She was bored...she had been around here for awhile and there wasn't anything to do. There were no one here worth her time! The only one that caused her a second glance was that Alucard. What was he? Namine and that strange man but that were the only beings that she's seen here, although she had been hiding since she didn't want to sing.

She walked up and sat by the fountain and looked around her.]

I'm so bored!

[She sighed as she sat down by the fountain. What was she going to do...its so boring here! Someone was walking by her and she didn't glance up until they ran into her.]

Hey watch where you are going! [She said as she pushed them off of her, not caring if they fell and hurt themselves.]

[ooc: Anyone can fall on her but don't be surprised if she's more willing to hurt you depending on who you are.]
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